Dr. Mustafa Al Faqi, Director of BA

The Board of Trustees of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) chose on 11/5/2017 Dr. Mustafa Al Faqi as Director of BA. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi approved the selection of Al Faqi for the post. He is successor to Ismail Serag Eddin, who has been the director of the library since its opening in October 2002.

CV of Dr. Mustafa Al Faqi

Dr. Mustafa Al Faqi is a prominent politician was born on November 14, 1944 in Beheira Governorate.

Education History:

PH.D in Political Science, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (SOAS), 1977 – BA in Political Science, Faculty of Economic and Political Science, Cairo University, 1966.

Executive Posts:

– President of the British University in Egypt (February 2005- April 2008).

– Member of Parliament (Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of The Egyptian People’s Assembly) 2001.

– Member of the Middle East Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (2005).

– Vice president of freedom and human rights (Inter-Parliamentary Union (2010).

– Member of The Consultative Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, sole representative of the Arab States (2008).

– Deputy Chairman of the Arab Parliament (2005).

– Member of the Supreme Council for Policies of the National Democratic Party, Chairman of the Committee (Egypt and the World) 2002-2004, In charge of communication between the Party and both Arab and Foreign Parties (2004-2005).


– First Assistant Foreign Minister, 2000.

– Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and Middle East Affairs, Permanent Representative of Egypt to the League of Arab States, (1999).

– Ambassador of Egypt to Austria and Permanent Representative to the International Organizations in Vienna (IAEA, CTBTO, UNIDO, UNOV, OSCE).

– Governor of Egypt at IAEA (1995 – 1997) – (1998 – 1999).

– Chairman of African Group, Vienna, (1995 – 1999).

– Ambassador – non-resident – to the Republics of Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia 1995-1999.

– Director of the Institute for Diplomatic Studies, The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( 1993 – 1995).

– Secretary General of the Advisory Council for Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( 1992 –1993).

– Secretary of Information and Follow-up to the President of Egypt and Head of the Bureau of Information and Follow-up, Egyptian Presidency (July 1985 – October 1992).

Awards and Decorations:

 – “Silver Cross High Honor” from the Republic of Austria 2001.

 – “First Class Science & Arts Honor” from Republic of Austria in 1998.

–  “Second Class Republic Honor” from Republic of Tunisia in 1990.

 – “Commander Degree National Honor of Merit” from Republic of France in 1989.

 – “National Order of Merit” from Republic of Cyprus in 1989.

–  “Second Class Republic Order” from Sudan Republic in 1988.

–  “Knight Degree Order of Merit” from Kingdom of Sweden in 1987.

–  “Knight Degree Order of Merit” from Kingdom of Denmark in 1986.

–  “Civil Service Order of Merit” from Kingdom of Spain in 1985.

–  “Third Class Order of Merit” from Arab Republic of Egypt in 1983.

–  “Fourth Class Order of Merit” from Arab Republic of Egypt in 1975.


– State Merit Prize in Social Sciences, 2003.

– “Personality of the Year”, American University in Cairo (Adham Center for Television Journalism), 1995.

– State Incentive Prize in Political Science, 1994.

– First Award for Best Political Article, the Supreme Council for Science, Literature and Arts, 1966.

– Egyptian Universities Cup for Best Public Speaker, 1965.


– Arabs From The Dogma of Conspiracy to The Thought of Freedoms, Dar El Shorouk- Cairo 2009.

– The Egyptian State and Contemporary Vision: Dar El Shorouk 2005.

– Harvest of A Century: Al Haiaa Al Amma Lel Ketab, Cairo 2004 – English Edition.

Dilemma of a Nation: Dar El Shorouk 2003, winner of state prize for best book from the Cairo International Book Fair – January 2004.

– Horse and Donkey, The choice: Dar El Shorouk, 2002 Revolution and Reform, Methods and Thoughts: Dar El Shorouk 2002, Arabs, Origin and Image : Dar El Shorouk 2002.

– Intellectual Nights in Vienna: Dar El Shorouk, Cairo, 1998 (several editions).

– The Absent Vision : Dar El Shorouk, Cairo, 1996 (several editions).

– Dialogue of Generation : Dar El Shorouk, Cairo, 1994 (several editions).

Revival of Arab Nationalist Thought : Dar El Shorouk, Cairo, 1993- (several editions) (Winner of incentive state prize and best book prize from the Cairo International Book Fair for the same publishing year).

– Islam in a Changing World: Al Haiaa Al Amma Lel Ketab, Cairo, 1993 (Arabic Edition) – Dar El Shorouk, Cairo, 1999 (English Edition).

– Intellectual Exchange : Al Haiaa Al Amma Lel Ketab, Cairo, 1993.

– Copts in Egyptian Political Life: PH.D. Dissertation, London University (SOAS), 1977: Dar El Shorouk and Al Hilal, several Arabic Editions,Cairo 1985 English Edition Al Haiaa Al Amma Lel Kitab, Cairo, 1989.

– One People, One Nation: Co-Authored Volume Introduced by Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, Al- Ahram Press, Cairo, 1981.

– American – Soviet Détente and the Middle East Conflict: Nasser Academy Press, Cairo, 1970.