The church of Evangelismos (Annunciation of the Virgin Mary) in Alexandria is a reference point for the historic city and the Greeks. The church is an impressive basilica built in the mid-19th century, with excellent symmetry and discipline dimensions.
The whole concept of the imposing design, aesthetics and functionality of the church, and the quality of the design and construction, is indicative of the economic prosperity, education and national consciousness of the Greek Community in Alexandria, but also the architecture and engineering showmanship of its creators.
Evangelismos presented serious problems because of time and the various repairs that had been made. In autopsies performed obsolescence problems were identified, cracks and weakness of materials, especially in the bell towers, the facades and floors. The lack of lighting was another problem that needed to be solved.
The Greek Community of Alexandria has decided to proceed with the maintenance and restoration of the damages. So in close collaboration with the late Patriarch Petros VII and the Foundation “Alexandros S. Onassis”, which was the sole financier, the recognition of this important project was made possible.
The work begun in 2002 and was completed in 2004. The Temple Inauguration ceremony was held on April 2, 2006 by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa Theodore II, in the presence of the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Karolos Papoulias.

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