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For the needs of the Greek Community of Alexandria, since its foundation, a large area in Chatby was purchased, where the 1st , 2nd and 3rd cemeteries are found until today. The 1st and 2nd are mainly attractions sites because of the artistic sculptures found in various burial monuments.
George Averof was buried in the 1st cemetery. Today, there is only a cenotaph because his bones were transferred to the 1st cemetery of Athens. The family tomb of the poet C.P. Cavafy as well as the tombs of great benefactors of Community., such as Anastasis, Salvagos, Zervoudakis, Kazoulis, Rallis, Rodokanakis, Kasdalis etc., are also found in the 1st cemetery. In the 2nd cemetery, a memorial was raised with about 100 bones of Greek pilots who fell in the Middle East during World War II.
The Greek Community of Alexandria has prepared a three-year plan for the recovery of the damages in all three of the cemeteries. Quite a big sum was offered for this project which might even override its needs. The aim of this three-year plan is the best possible recovery of the damages in all three cemeteries.

Until today, the restoration of the graves in the second cemetery has been completed, as well as the cleaning of the area from any unwanted grass. Also, there is daily care and maintenance for the graves and the area around them. Meanwhile, the restoration of the 3rd cemetery is also in progress.

In the 1st cemetery the restoration was done in collaboration with the Department of Electronics and the Laboratory of Sciences in Archaeology of TEI Lamias, and not because the Community shows some kind of “discrimination” between our fellow community citizens buried at the other two cemeteries, but because, as perhaps many know, the first cemetery has graves which are considered works of “cultural heritage” and have been studied by scientific institutions. The cooperation of the Community with the above mentioned institutions has made the recovery of the damages at the 1st cemetery possible.