Before the Greek Community of Alexandria was organized as an official body, the Greeks of Alexandria, of whichMichael Tositsas, founded a hospital and a school at the monastery of St. Sava. These two institutions are considered to be the first, and unofficial, form of the Greek Community of Alexandria.

The Greek Community acquires the form of an official Institution with the meeting that took place on April 25, 1843 at St. Sava, which all of the members attended.

The following text is the report of the founding meeting which brought the Greek Community of Alexandria to life:

“At the Assembly of April 25th, 1843, at St. Sava, at the presence of all the members, we discussed the proposals and made the decisions following below: It was proposed to make the membership compulsory both for this time and for the subsequent as long this school exists, and no one may refuse to pay his membership. Many subjects were proposed to be taught at the school and at a final decision it was decided that the subjects would be the Greek Language, taught by teachers from mutual learning schools, for Greek,French and Italian languages and in the future, as long as the memberships can support it, the subjects will be increased. Because in the future a delegation of all the members would be organized, for the difficulties of the General Assemblies, it was proposed to appoint Mr. Michael Tositsas as president and he was accepted unanimously.
It was proposed to elect 12 representatives of all the members, who will organize the school’s affairs, according to the above mentioned teaching program, and also have the responsibility of managing the school from the moment it will start operating. The following members were elected unanimously:
Ioannis G. Ivos, Anastasios Sotiris, Dimitrios Argiridis, Georgios Pestemaltzoglou, Nikolaos Tzakalis, Dimitrios Kasdaglis, Stamatis Proios, Georgios Minotos, Iosif Mpaxadouris, Megalos Kalogiannis, Dimitrios Potessaros and Georgios Adep.
At a final decision, the proposal for the compulsory membership was accepted. Because it was difficult to gather an assembly with all the members present, as it was proved in this case, it was decided that every assembly that was going to take place would be preached at the church two Sundays in a row, so that all the members get the invitation, and if someone doesn’t show up to the assembly they will have to accept the decisions made whether they agree on them or not.

At the same assembly the case of the hospital was also proposed and after a thorough discussion, it was decided that the same representatives and the President would deal with the issues concerning the hospital, as well as the issues concerning the school. As for whatever is needed for its maintenance, a record was to be done for voluntary assistance, which will also be compulsory, same as the one for the school.

Lastly, it was decided that in every assembly, both general and the ones of the representatives only, the decisions will be taken according to the votes of the majority, and the minority has to agree in all occasions.”

A series of meetings followed, as well as donations, which have shaped the form that the Greek Community of Alexandria would have in 1854, once the Fundamental Regulation would be written, its first statutes.