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The caring of the Community Committee for the Greek Schools of the Community and its continuous development is well known. Within the framework of the efforts of the Greek Community schools to provide increasingly upgraded education to their students, the Greek Community established a Science Museum in the premises of the schools and reopened the existing Laboratory. The project was initiated under the supervision of Professor Mrs. Kontou and completed by Professor Mr. Adalis.


In the museum, the combination of modern technology with the pastis attempted through the exhibition of laboratory equipment, organized by the thematic axis and utilitarian classification, used in the early years of the Greek Schools’ operation. Alongside the exhibition, interactive activities are offered to the students who are thereby able to travel to the magical world of science.


The reopening of the laboratory was a very important and difficult project. It included the refurbishment of the hall in the workshop, as well as the evaluation of the existing technological equipment in order to be completed with the necessary equipment and materials, according to the modern requirements of the courses. The aim of reopening the laboratory is to provide the students with a better understanding of science, which, cut off from the laboratory experiments, becomes sterile and monotonous narratives and readings from textbooks.