Cobalt to fly from June

ΓενικάLarnaca-based low-cost carrier Cobalt is all set to stretch its wings on June 1 starting with flights to Greece and the UK.
Chairman Gregory Diacou said after Cobalt was issued its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) on Wednesday: “Today marks the renaissance of the Cypriot aviation industry”.
He added: “We are proud to play our part in Cyprus’ long aviation heritage.
“The thousands of messages of support that we have received during the recent weeks from Cypriots here and abroad proves that there is tremendous enthusiasm backing Cobalt as the country’s new national carrier.”
The Civil Aviation Authority issued Cobalt’s AOC after successfully completing a test flight from Larnaca to Heraklion carried out with its first Cyprus-registered Airbus A320.
Cobalt is scheduling the launch of operations to Athens on June 1, with flights to the UK and other European destinations starting later on that month.
At the same time, he highlighted the fact that, by the end of June, Cobalt will add another three aircraft to its fleet, raising the total number to four.
The chairman stressed that the company also plans to launch operations to non-European destinations, such as Israel, Lebanon, Russia, Iran and Egypt in the very near future.
“Since the demise of Cyprus Airways, our national air traffic rights to these countries have been lying dormant,” Diacou said.
“These are significant economic assets that we must now utilise in order to support the development of the Cypriot tourist industry and the broader economy.”
Diacou also said that, prior to their first official flight, they have generated more than 100 new jobs locally and that hundreds more will follow.
“Furthermore, we very much appreciate the professionalism of the Cypriot civil aviation authorities in handling the AOC process so effectively and thank them for their support.”