Great philosopher Aristotle’s tomb found

ΓενικάGreek archaeologists announced they have discovered the tomb of ancient Greek philosopher, and one the greatest in the world, Aristotle. After years of meticulous excavations at the ancient site of Stagira, located in central Macedonia, near the eastern coast of the Chalkidiki peninsula, archaeologists said that the domed building and altar unearthed in 1996 belong to the great philosopher.

The discovery of the tomb of Aristotle was announced by archaeologist Kostas Sismanidis, according to whom the findings from the excavation of 1996 in the region point to the conclusion that the tomb belongs to Aristotle.

‘I have no hard proof, but strong indications lead me to almost certainty’, said archaeologist Kostas Sismanidis. He claimed all the indications, from the location of the tomb, the period it was erected, its public character are conclusive that the edifice is indeed Aristotle’s tomb.