Belarus to assemble tractors in Egypt’s Alexandria

An official ceremony to open a modernized plant to assemble Belarus tractors took place in Alexandria, Egypt, BelTA has learned. The company used to assemble tractors of other producers before. However, the production stopped over time and the plant was abandoned. Last year Belarus reached an agreement with private Egyptian companies to refit the production line at the company with a view to start assembling Belarus tractors. “The modernization of the plant will make it possible to export the goods which will be produced in Egypt. The terms of the free economic zone provide an opportunity for healthy competition in neighboring regions. I think that in a two years’ time it will be an exemplary production facility in our friendly country, Egypt,” MTZ Director General Fyodor Domotenko said.
In his words, Minsk Tractor Works has undertaken commitments to provide engineering support to the company as a producer of all types of farming equipment. Apart from that, Belarus is ready to train specialists for the plant in Alexandria free of charge.
The company’s current capacity is 2,000-2,500 tractors a year. There are plans, however, to increase it to 5,000 vehicles a year in the future. At least 30% of the goods will be bound for export. The commissioning of the Belarusian-Egyptian manufacturing facility was an important event for Alexandria, with the local authorities, representatives of the Egyptian ministries and economic zones attending the official opening ceremony.