Greek Native Offering Language Lessons in Jasper: ‘I Just Want to Share my Culture’

ΟμογένειαGreek native Kostas Souliaris moved to Canada from Greece five years ago. He settled in Jasper, Alberta, where there is a healthy Greek population and decided that it was about time that Greek language lessons were offered in the town.

Although the details are yet to be finalized, so far he has put together a loose syllabus for his classes and Souliaris has organized a meeting to further discuss the classes and see if there are enough people interested in learning Greek in the community to kick-off his lessons. The meeting is taking place at the Jasper Municipal Library on November 26 at 11:00 am and is open for anyone interested in attending and learning more about the Greek language lessons.

“We’re trying to see if there are enough people and then we can start to move forward,” he said to Jasper’s Independent Newspaper, The Fitzhugh, adding, “The course will basically be free” adding that he will volunteer as the course’s instructor.

Souliaris also noted that prospective students might be asked to contribute a $10 monthly fee to help cover the cost of renting a classroom for lessons to be taught at the Habitat for the Arts.

So far, Souliaris has had inquiries about the Greek lessons from both Greeks and non-Greeks. He says that he is very pleased about the interest generated in the town. “We welcome everyone. I just want to share my culture,” he commented.