“Tositsaio-Pratsikeio” School of Alexandria is a Greek elementary school and legislative functions in the context of the Greek language education abroad. It serves as 6 class primary affiliation therein and a kindergarten section. Responsible for its function is the Greek Community of Alexandria which possesses the premises and covers the operating costs.
The school, established by the merger of two older and historical schools of Alexandria – the “Tositsaio” School and “Pratsikeio” School – and is now housed in the premises of the famous “Salvagios Commercial School” and is located in the historic Greek Quarter.
The premises of the School (donation of the great benefactor Mike Salvagos) are typical of the Greek architecture in Alexandria during the last century, which is why the building complex still stands today in the residential environment of the city. As it is operating within the broader building complex of the Greek Community, the School has at its disposal a well-equipped gym, a high quality theater and a stadium. The school, in addition to the classrooms (six for primary and one for the kindergarten) has a special IT room and a remarkable school library with continuous enrichment titles.
The ideal premises of the School, its equipment, the full staffing with teachers of all disciplines and the active support of the Greek Community make today “Tositsaio-Pratsikeio” a modern Greek school abroad that it is trustworthy by all the Greeks living in Alexandria.